CES 2012 – Sceptre Television Product Preview

Long time friend and awesome budget bargain television company, Sceptre, open their doors at the swanky Bellagio suites to be immersed in their lineup of 3D television sets, all-in-one DVD upscaling combo sets, and all the cool new color schemes coming our way.

The two pictures featured above showcase that consumers can still look forward to a combo drive television set and still not lose their ever thinning flat panels. Now, what is even cooler is that some models that are soon to hit the market in Q2 will feature a DVD drive that will upscale your standard format into a 3D capable picture resolution. Thus, the television set you purchased that has 3D will now work with any DVD. Blu-ray drives are said to soon hit the market later in the year.

The other focus of Sceptres preview were their monitors. Even if monitors are becoming a dying breed with the exponential improvements with television sets, Sceptre still prides themselves on the array of choices, especially with design and color for consumers to choose from. Personally, I am not a fan of color scheming my electronic products. Black or white. Simple. Neat and sexy. But, that is not to say that my 13-year-old cousin wouldn’t mind receiving a pink monitor for her decked out room. That is where Sceptre exceeds and dominates the market in budget-consumer stores like Walmart, Sears, Target, and so on.

To prove Sceptres strong affirmation in the market, they will be rolling out with these customization pieces for your television bezels featured above. Pretty darn cool!

Overall Sceptre is on the the path to keep consumers happy. Both visually and fiscally. So the next time you decide to buy a TV for your bathroom, inside your shower, or on your steering wheel (which I don’t advise), check out what Sceptre has to offer. Like I said, you will get your bang for your buck & a quality product to boot.

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