CES 2012: Contour Teams Up With Cerevo

Contour, leader in hands-free camcorder, and Japanese based Cerevo, announced a partnership to bring live video and audio streaming at CES 2012. The new partnership will allow a simple HDMI cable to connect Contour’s Contour+ camera to Cerevo’s LiveShell to bring real-time video to the Ustream website. Marc Barros, CEO and Co-Founder of Contour, said, “It’s a perfect compliment to our Contour+ camera model. We start with the best hands-free, POV camera with built-in GPS and mobile connectivity – and have now add a wireless live-streaming solution with the LiveShell. Partnering with Cerevo and Ustream will allow Contour customers to share their ski run, bike route, or any other hands-free action with their family and friends in real-time.” The two will be a perfect compliment indeed. Picture below is a demonstration of the two devices at work.

The LiveShell will be on sale on Contour’s website for $299 on February 1, 2012. The Contour+, is also available now at Contour’s website and third party vendors. Do note the LiveShell will only work for the Contour+. Below is the technical stuff you can do with Contour+ and Cerevo LiveShell:

Contour Connect App

  • Broadcast POV footage as its captured: World’s first “Ustream Compatible” internet-broadcasting device (released November, 2011 in Japan) let’s you share your action live on the web.
  • Set-up Easily: No PC or Mac needed; change settings via remote control access on a Web-based Dashboard – by computer and/or smartphone
  • Deliver the Action Instantly: An HDMI interface makes recording and broadcasting live a snap!
  • High Quality Video: Fuzzy video streaming is gone! Contour+ delivers HD video in 1080p at 25/30fps or 720p at 25/30 and50/60fps and attaches to a variety of mounts.  The maximum resolution with Cerevo LiveShell is approximately 480p.
  • Film and broadcast for Hours: LiveShell and the Contour+ both have greater than 2-hour battery life





Imagine a player steaming live an air soft or paintball game

Contour also announced Contour’s remote control or Contour Connect App will allow users to remotely stop and start recording on Android devices. The Contour Connect App will be available in April.

How about on a motorcycle helmet?

Contour and Cerevo brought a fun way in sharing videos with the ability to mount the contour at the toughest spots, but now the experience can be watch instantly and live at the convenience of your phone, laptop, desktop, pretty much anywhere around the world now.

C or CS Lens Mount Options

Source: Contour

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