NVIDIA Press Conference Featuring Fatal1ty

NVIDIA highlighted its press conference this year with its much-esteemed TEGRA 3 Quad-core Processor and its impact on the Tablet competition. NVIDIA’s CEO JenHsun Haung took the stage to demonstrate the newest Android Ice Cream Sandwich on an ASUS Transformer Prime. Haung emphasized the massive growth of tablets and how each market demography must be considered carefully.

To start off, he tried several apps, first of which was Snapseed, an impressive touch UI photo editor. He brought up the creator of the application and demonstrated tweaking several pictures. Thanks to the TEGRA’s Quad-Core power, many of the apps demoed by Haung run flawlessly. One of the the most impressive displays of the TEGRA’s power came from the demo of an app called SplashtopTHD, a popular app that let you control your desktop remotely from your tablet. The stream itself was fluid enough to browse the internet, listen to iTunes, and even more impressively play the new Elder Scroll V: Skyrim practically flawlessly. Of course it was done under a controlled environment, so your mileage may vary.

Among the games demoed, there was Shadowgun, a third person shooter that looks like a less prettier copy of Gears of War. What was really unexpected was the appearance of professional FPS gamer Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, who was in the first row of the audience also playing Shadowgun.

Haung later moves on to their announcement of the new Tegra 3 tablet set to be released in the future. Added to that was the inclusion of a new DirectTouch feature that seeks to change the way touch functionality is normally utilized. What I thought was the most impressive piece of information was the price point. The tablet is set to run you back about $250. Added with the quad-core speed and Android Ice Cream Sandwich, I’d say this is a very very attractive price point for those looking to dip into tablets. Take note, Amazon, the Kindle Fire isn’t going to be the only sub $300 tablet in town soon.


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