CES 2012 – ROCSTOR Hard Drives You Want & Need

Rocstor is synonymous to producing the crème de la crème of external hard drives. In an electronic market world where technology is always getting better, spectrum of prices is broad, and social monarchies control the wants & needs, it is no wonder that Rocstor is succeeding in the market with their innovative secure hard drives.

What they had to showcase at CES 2012 was their improved mobile hard drives that outmatched any in the market with durability and protection. The ROCSAFE MX, featured above, is a secure encrypted pocket-size hard drive. This little guy will obsolete your dirty little black book. It will protect all of your data with a double encryption; a secure card that is inserted like an ATM machine and a pin code of your choice.

The RocSecure models have an encryption, standard in most Rocstor products, and has a token (a key that inserts into the portable hard drive and enables it). Without the token the hard drive will not function. A cool idea for your older parents who freak out about their personal items, or for your account information, passwords, bank rolls, portfolios, and everything else you hold dear.

Some of the other product lines showcased were their storage hard drive housing units and color array of hard drives. All featuring easy functionality, beautiful design, and the assurance of keeping your data safe. In short, if you need to keep your content protected and on the go, need the assuring factor of protection beyond belief, and don’t trust any other standard off-the-shelf product, pick up one of these. You will not be disappointed.

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