CES 2012:Sony Announces New News for the PS VITA

Sony’s CES press conference showcased its new technology including TVs, cameras, phones and tablets, but they didn’t leave out their new upcoming hand held console, the PS Vita.

The PlayStation Vita is set to launch on February 22nd (or the 15th if you pre-ordered the First Edition Bundle), and will have an app ready for download, allowing users to enjoy Netflix. Whether you have a 3G edition or Wi-Fi, your Vita will allow you to watch your favorite shows or movies from Netflix’s expanding library.

On another note AT&T also announced its data plan for the PS Vita. AT&T plans to offer two data plans, a $14.99 plan featuring 250MB and a $25 plan with 2GB.  Both of the plans will run month-to-month and will not require a long-term contract, and if you have the AT&T plan, you have free access at more than 29,000 AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots.

$14.99 for 250MB? And for $10 dollars more you get 2 Gigs? I have to say that sounds pretty bad for 15 bucks. If you plan on streaming shows, downloading apps and games from the PSN store, it doesn’t sound like much.

At least in Japan, you could buy your time by the hour when you don’t have Wi-Fi.

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