CES 2012 – Monster’s Star Studded Press Conference

 It is Day 0 at the International CES and the Venetian is already overrun by industry and press outlets. The press rooms are at/near capacity and the shared WiFi internet is already at its knees. Monster kicks off its fashion forward press conference with a runway show and appearances by Nick Cannon and rapper Xzibit. There is also an announcement that Monster Cables is now to be known as Monster, as their scope has widened beyond cables. The main themes of Monster’s press conference ended up being Green Power and fashion emphasis.

Vampire power will be a topic of discussion this CES as many companies are finding solutions to the wasted power resulting from AC adapters plugged into a wall, but charging nothing. Monster’s entry is called Monster Intelligent GreenPower and consists of powerstrips with the ability to shut off individual ports. Users can control these powerstrips through their smartphone via the Monster Power Control App. A demonstration of the app was similar to home automation in which a light switch was essentially controlled by an iPhone enabling “Away Mode.”

HDP 950G+ GreenPower Bar

Monster Digital was introduced at this point with quick skims over new SD Card lines and SSD lines. The new bread and butter of Monster, which was audio, was the next topic.

Monster ClarityHD Micro is a bluetooth speaker that responds to voice commands and answers back in a customizable voice. It also boasts superior teleconferencing features similar to that of a polycom that you may use at work.

The remainder of the time will be used for 7 new Monster headphones, but this is where the fun starts. Gratitude In-Ear headphones were introduced by Verdine White of Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Verdine White from Earth, Wind, & Fire.

Gratitude In-ears

iSport headphones were not introduced by a celebrity, but Monster still found a way to spice up the presentation for these sweatproof and washable active in-ears with loud music and 2 active looking models.

iSport LiveStrong In-ears.

Back to the celebrity theme, Head Monster Noel Lee introduces Nick Cannon via Skype to introduce the line of Ncredible line which include the N-ergy In-ears. Nick Cannon emphasizes the ability of these in-ears to magnetically snap together into a necklace. Also mentioned are the Ntune over-ear headphones.

N-ergy In-ears.

Stefano Rosso, Director of Corporate Development of Diesel, was flown from Italy to introduce Monster’s emphasis of fashion in its newer headphones. The key words being youthful, edgy, and high performance, are represented by throwing away the traditional round shape for sharper lines. Many, many models now  make their way to the front stage in headphones designed for the runway. Interchangeable bands add feathers, spikes, and colors to otherwise plain colored headphones. Cue the runway music and all the photographers change to fashion model mode with strobes filling the rooms.

Monster Diesel VekTr Headphones.

Runway Models sporting fashionable Monster Headphones.

What’s a Monster event without but one more surprise celebrity guest. Rapper Xzibit makes his way to the stage in Inspiration headphones, Monster’s first noise cancellations. This last surprise ends this conference, but Noel Lee then calls all the models to the front for one last photo op. A great way to end.

Inspiration Headphones.


Rapper Xzibit.

SOURCE: Monster.

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