Steelseries Diablo Edition Siberia V2 / Xai Review

While Diablo III lingers in the months to come, little other than the beta has been shown to those patiently waiting for this epic sequel. But thankfully , we finaly have something to curb our hungers. Steelseries, has taken up arms with Blizzard to give us something dark, demonic, and absolutely nessicary for any fanboy, fanatic, and lover of this series that has held us so tightly at it’s boosom.

Completely reskinned and revamped, the Siberia V2 Diablo 3 Edition not only turns heads but captures the ears of those around you with it’s headsplitting bass and dazzling design. From it’s elegant but deadly color balance of red and black to it’s build in LEDs that can be set to do just about anything a light is capable of. This is icing on the cake, the Siberia V2 was already a marvelous headset, only to be improved upon even further. With only one flaw pertaining to it’s compatibility with non-pc/mac interfaces this set shows off Steelseries talents in both design functionality.

With the original Xai design, sleep decals, and new lights, the Diablo Special Edition Xai has us by the throat. Having owned a Xai for years, I had doubts that this design could be improved upon. Simple effective and effecient, the Xai is there for serious gamers and those who know exactly what they need from their mouse. This new addition shows us that a matching set is what we were all really lacking. Being completely different colors, the Xai and V2 never mixed well, but with this special edition you can have your gamer swagger and pwn all those who would dare to oppose you.
Breathing lights, pinstriping and a redesigned scroll wheel are just the external improvements. Steelseries has anticipated Diablo for a game that required tons of clicking and has us covered. This mouse is accounted for over a million clicks, and will keep you at the edge you require for all the destructive goodness that Diablo 3 can deliver.

With the awesome matching Mousepad this set delivers everything a diehard biablo fan could want. Versatility, comfort, utility, and complete badassery in one package. Unfortunately not sold as one set, the Diablo 3 Themed Steelseries gear is one package no diehard fan should ever deny themselves of.
Grade: A- (for being a bit expensive)

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