Lenovo to Be the First to Have Android 4.0 for TV

Lenovo has revealed during CES 2012 the first TV to have Ice Cream Sandwich, aka Android 4.0. The model is the K91 and is a 55-inch 3-D (240Hz refresh rate) LED LCD TV.

Android 4.0 has been a little slow in spreading the platform to as many devices as it can. It will be available in April 2012…in China. The first device to receive Ice Cream Sandwich was the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone.

The interface is known is the Sandwich UI and will allow users to watch regular TV, order videos on demand, and use apps. The TV will have over 100 apps already installed with the ability to check out the a Lenovo store, Lenovo cloud services, and of course, the Android Market.

The remote control looks like a video game controller. It features a touchpad, 5-way keys and a motion sensor. What’s up PlayStation DualShock 3?

Here’s the rest of the 411 on the TV:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core processor
  • 1 gig of RAM
  • a hard drive with 8 gigs of storage
  • a removable 2-GB SD card
  • a built-in 5-megapixel camera
  • can respond to voice commands
  • integrated wireless B/G/N support
  • HDMI connectors and DLNA support

Source: USA Today

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