Justin Timberlake Bringing Sexy Back to Myspace at CES 2012

Justin Timberlake (Co-Owner of Myspace) made a special appearance to introduce Myspace TV at Panasonic’s Press Conference CES 2012. Myspace and Panasonic team up to take television entertainment to the next step by providing social network real time. Justin Timberlake explains Myspace TV as being able to watch your favorite show content and being able to chat with friends and family or “box” as Justin explains on stage. The experience of watching movies or shows may be done around the world instead of crowding in a room. The photo below is Justin Timberlake making the announcement at Panasonic’s Press Conference at CES 2012.

Myspace looked as if the social network site was going to be out of the game, but with Myspace TV, it might be the company’s answer to coming back. Myspace TV wants to make television a social experience again because the company believes watching television has become a solitary experience. Panasonic television equipped with Myspace TV will be a complete social experience by being able to watch live television and communicating at the same time.

Do not feel like watching television while nothing is on? Well, with Myspace Companion App the user can share shows, movies, and music with friends and family. With a touch of a button, information can be shared easily on devices like tablets and laptops. Myspace and Panasonic might have discovered a way of providing fun entertainment in a integrated package.


Source: Panasonic Press Conference

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