House of the Dead 3 and 4 Coming to PSN

Fans of arcade light gun shooters and zombie killing shenanigans rejoice! Sega just recently announced that they will be bringing in not one, but two House of the Dead titles onto the PSN this year.

House of the Dead 3 will be coming in first on February 7. Originally released in 2002, this one introduced aspects like skill rankings and different events to the series to provide a more engaging experience. House of the Dead 4, meanwhile, will be showing up later in the spring. It will also be the first time this particular title will be available on home consoles since it appeared in arcades in 2005.

Both titles are being promised to have updated HD graphics, and are also set to come with trophy systems, as well as Move compatibility, for a near perfect arcade experience. And you don’t even have to pull apart the living room couch to search for quarters, or concern yourself with the hygienic practices of the person standing next to you.


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