Update: ‘Batman: Death Wish’ Fan Film Coming January 13th, 2012

Newer Update: So we’ve just been informed that the release date is January 13th, 2012, on Friday.

Update: So I’ve been informed by Jennifer Zhang (producer/writer) that the film won’t be making its January 8 release date, and that it will debut in the same week though.

I’m pretty excited for the premiere of the upcoming Batman: Death Wish fan film that’s going to be online January 8, 2012. It’s being produced by the same people that brought you Street Fighter High: The Musical. Don’t expect any singing from this fan film, since Batman prefers to dish out the punishment.

Synopsis – Armed with a lethal neurotoxin, a mysterious assailant is targeting the kingpins of Gotham’s criminal underground. As Batman and Robin are drawn deeper into an investigation that ensnares more and more of the rogues gallery, a disturbing revelation about the identity of the attacker begins to take shape.

Stay tuned as we’ll be posting up Nerd Reactor’s behind-the-scenes footage from the set and interviews with writer/producer Jennifer Zhang and director/producer Matthew Hiscox before the premiere.

Here’s an interview with Chris Robinson who plays Robin (yeah, strange coincidence).

Interview with Joey Rassool (Scarecrow)

Batman: Death Wish Fan Film Official Site

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