Doctor Who: Worlds in Time

Ever wish you were one of the Doctor’s companions? Ever wanted your own sonic device? Well Whovians and Wholigans you are in luck! Developers Three Rings have teamed up with BBC to produce a flash powered 2D browser based MMO by the name of Doctor Who: Worlds in Time. As soon as you create a character (of which you can chose between four different races) you’re whisked away by the twelfth Doctor in a familiar blue police box to save all of space and time.

Within a couple of minutes it’s clear to see Doctor Who: Worlds in Time is aimed more towards the casual gamer crowd, especially those looking for a quick pick up and play game.  Everything from combat to challenges are in the form of a series of familiar puzzle games such as something akin to Pipe Dream to Tetris. This does make sense as the Doctor does usually solve problems using his quick wits and smarts rather than brute strength. Personally I’ve gotten pretty good with the lock picking puzzles and the speech puzzles. The good Doctor also provides you with a ‘gadget’ which strangely looks like a sonic screwdriver which you can customize as you progress through the game.

Players are able to join together in small parties to complete particularly tough puzzles or to just socialize and enjoy each others company. And if you’re more of a solo player but in need of a team the Doctor will set you up with an AI controlled party on missions which requires more than one character.

Throughout the game players will be able interact in a multi-leveled universe and fans will appreciate familiar locations such as Skaro, New New York, The Library, and etc. Plus they’ll able to run into iconic creatures from the show like Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, and etc. While the game is free-to-play the player can purchase Chronons which will aid them in completing missions, customize their avatars, and so forth. Players can either sign up using their e-mails or connecting through their facebook accounts. Currently the game is available as an open preview with continent being added all the time. The specs for the game isn’t very overwhelming either as this reviewer was able to run it off his netbook.

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