Samsung and Google Take the Top Spot in the Mobile Phone Market

For the three months ending in November, Samsung has been number 1 in the handset market, and Google’s Android has the most U.S. market shares in the smartphone department.

Samsung’s shares went up 0.3%, totaling up to 25.6% in the handset market share and making them number one. Apple’s share also went up by 1.4%, totaling their market share to 11.2%, making it fourth place. As the two companies increase numbers in the market share, LG Electronics, Blackberry, and Motorola shares decreased during the three-month period.

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms are at the top two for the smartphone market. Google went up 3.1%, controlling 46.9% of the market. Apple’s share increased 1.4%, taking over 28.7% of the market.

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S II and Nexus with Android, it’s no surprise that Samsung and Google are taking over the market.

Source: WSJ

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