Viacom Ordered to Pay Harmonix $383 Million

Viacom Inc., owner of MTV Networks and Paramount Pictures, has been part of a legal battle between themselves and their formerly owned Harmonix, the company responsible for the Rock Band series of games. The latest development on this front is that Viacom has been ordered by a private arbitrator to pay the developer $383 million.

Originally, Viacom bought up the company as a attempt to venture into video games. While the Rock Band games themselves made bank, the cost of putting out the instrument peripherals ended up being an extremely costly procedure (especially when said peripherals didn’t work right). As a result, they ended up selling Harmonix back in 2010 to a private investment firm for the price of a single copy of Rock Band. After that went through, the original shareholders ended up filing a lawsuit against Viacom to get the original money back, along with demanding additional funds.

In response to this recent development, which came after Viacom already gave a previous $150 million to Harmonix, has filed suit in the Delaware Court of Chancery looking to get the case dropped. Their claim is because certain bits and pieces of their arguments were “improperly excluded.”

Now, to answer what I’m sure a lot of you are thinking, yes, I do enjoy using Harvey Birdman images for court stories such as this one. Because the show is awesome.


Source: LA Times

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