‘Smallville: The Final Season’ Review – A Hero’s Path Is Set

All good things must come to an end, and for fans of the Superman spinoff TV series Smallville, the Drama/Adventure series ended last year. Smallville spent 10 seasons following Clark Kent (Tom Welling) as he went from a teenage farm boy growing up in Smallville to protecting innocent people as the hero known as the “Blur” in Metropolis. He then finally embraces his destiny to become Superman.

Season 10 aka the Final Season packs 22 episodes in 4 Blu-rays to try to tie in all lose ends fans may have been asking since the beginning. Clark faces new and old enemies including two of his biggest problems he has ever faced, one is the coming darkness that only he can stop and the other his love life with Lois Lane.

If you are starting with season 10, you need to go back to the start. While the series is pretty easy to follow, every previous event helps lead into the bigger picture, bringing in plenty of Clark Kent’s enemies from the comic books early on like Darkseid, Bizzaro, Braniac, Zod and his greatest enemy Lex Luthor. So while you can say Clark never faced any of them from high school or college, it doesn’t change the fact that the writers and actors still respected the source material, which is very impressive.

Trying to finish the series in 22 episodes made it seemed a bit rushed, like trying to incorporate two more DC heroes mid season (Booster Gold and Blue Beetle). The characters were pretty much short-lived, since their only purpose is to help Clark reaffirm for the fifth time (including seeing himself in the future) he would be that hero the world needs.  Such a pity, since the characters outfits and characters were so well designed for just one episode.

If I had to pick one episode that stands out, that would be a tough one. Episode 18 titled “Booster” made my day, but episode 10 “Luthor” takes the gold. Clark finds a Kryptonian artifact that transports him to an alternate world in which Lionel Luther raised him instead of the Kents, and with Lionel’s tutelage alternate Clark uses his strength and abilities to control and rule rather than help. While good Clark is in the alternate world, the the other Clark is in his world, raising hell for everyone. Along the way Clark finds out more secrets on Luthor and what he could have become.

One thing that did made me laugh was the vigilante registration act that was used in the first half of the season. While DC had used it in its early comics, it made me think quite a bit of the Marvel Hero Registration act which led to civil war. It made for a pretty good story, but was sometime confusing with the way it was wrapped up. Aside from the little quirks and the “Hangover” like episode, the series goes off on a great note, ending with the Man of Steel and the only woman who can keep him in check.


Using 1080p high definition widescreen, the series made great use of backgrounds, special effects and color schemes. Places like the Fortress of Solitude and the CG for Darkseid were brought out really well.


Smallville features DTS-HD Master Audio, allowing you to enjoy not only the action but the music the series has been known for. Smallville has featured music from many top artists in the soundtrack.


Scattered between disc 1 and 2 are deleted scenes which didn’t make it into the episodes. One did seem pretty important that helped tie in the “Isis” episode.  There’s also a look back at how the series and characters changed in 10 seasons including growing, a music video used for the last season, and a look into Clark and Lex’s Father/Son relationships changed over 10 years with the differences in how they were raised and who they became of it. Two completely different methods of raising your kids can lead them down the road for good or evil.

With 929 minutes of video, the Blu-ray is a great way to go.

Grade: B+

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