Samsung: Go Big or Go Home at CES 2012

CES 2012 is right around the corner. Technology up the you know what! Last year brought in a record number of 141,150 attendees to the show. Even with an economic recession , CES is still planned to have another record number of attendees/businesses in support to stimulate local economies and the future electronic market.

Samsung, among many more, will be at the show for 2012. However this year they are sneaking in a surprise that has consumers wondering what it might be. A lot of internet talk is saying that the special announced item is going to be an Android powered, internet ready, TV. My first thought is: do we really need one!? But with any other tech advancement and competitive nature, if company-a is not doing what company-b is, expect a kick out of the market because it´s too late in the game.

So take a look at Samsungs sneaky little video trailer for what we might see at CES 2012.

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