Hostel: Part III Movie Review

The first Hostel was one of those horror movies that I really enjoyed. The premise may seem familiar; young group visits mysterious place, mysterious place holds dark secret, and dark secret kills group. You can usually predict who’s going to survive in these movies by seeing who the main character is. The difference in Hostel is that you weren’t sure who the main character was. I was rooting for the innocent one to survive because he was the most likeable. I picked the wrong guy, since the guy I was rooting for died a pretty disturbing death.

Hostel: Part III is a direct-to-video movie, so of course the production values aren’t going to be as good as the previous films. Another minus is that Eli Roth isn’t attached to the project. With that also comes the change from Europe to Las Vegas, so it marks a first for a Hostel movie taking place in the States. Instead of being scared of another country, you’re suppose to be scared of what’s happening in your backyard.

The setup of the story reminded me a lot of The Hangover. A group of friends goes to Vegas for the groom’s bachelor party, only to wake up in a shitty situation. That’s where the similarities end.

What I liked about the first Hostel was that with the little amount of time that we had with the main character, we sort of grow with him because his character gets more developed as we learn about his past. In Hostel III, we don’t get any character development, so after all the guys are introduced, it’s simply them trying to escape.

So how’s the actual gore? It’s not as gruesome as the first one (the first had a lot of “oh shit!” moments). This one had one good one, while the rest ranges from okay to just plain cheap (cockroaches). In this film, instead of having the elite operate on the victim, they’re paying to watch someone else operate on the victim while betting on how the person is going to die, and what they’re going to say before they die.

When comparing it to the first Hostel, it’s a no-brainer that the first one is a lot better. But that’s not fair, since it’s a direct-to-video film. In that case, it’s pretty entertaining for what it is, unless you don’t like torture porn.

Grade: C

Hostel III is available now on DVD December 27, 2011, just in time for the holidays.

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