The RE:MIX LAB – Director Edgar Wright, Trend Setter Jane McGonigal, & 8-Bit Band Anamanaguchi

The RE:MIX LAB, fueled by the Hyundai Veloster, wrapped up its tour two weeks ago in the historic Los Angeles, California, Farmers & Merchants Bank Building. The week-fueled event in Los Angles and across country was coming to an end. The lineup for this particular finale was guest speaking appearances from Edgar Wright, director of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and the upcoming Ant-Man, and Jane McGonigal who has been featured on TED, but who also is a game designer, and leader of innovating ideas that push the envelope on the gaming phenomena. Musical guest of the night was Anamanaguchi, an 8-bit rock band that lets their 80’s hair down while rockin’ out to beloved retro gaming sounds. Let’s not forget the true star of the show, which without none of this could of been possible – the Hyundai Veloster. A compact sporty car with a starting MSRP of $17,300, 4-cylinder 138HP engine, LED headlight accents, and a tech swag interior that would make our popular FORD tech a little weak in the knees. Included in a standard Veloster is a 7-inch multi-function touchscreen display, Pandora, Gracenote iOS functionality, voice text messaging, navigation system, and input media accessibility.

There were three custom built Velosters at the RE: MIX LAB (every NERD’s wet dream). A tech build was everything you could ever want. The standard 7-inch multimedia touch screen in the front center console and a 40-inch 3D LED TV, 3D Blu-ray player, 3D glasses, and 3D Panasonic camcorder housed in the trunk. Did I mention it was all in 3D? There was a Mac Mini mounted on the dash, Samsung Galaxy tablet ready for use, and an LG Thrill 3D phone for rear passengers to enjoy. The gaming build Veloster had two Xbox 360’s, one for the front 7-inch panel and the second for the rear 40-inch TV that housed a Kinect system as well. The car was just built for agility and performance, something every gamer should be prepared to excel at. Finally, the music build was similar to DJ Hero but on steroids! A 450-watt Dimension sound system, Sirius XM Radio, Pandora, Gracenote, USB ports, a set of Numark turntables, laptop/laptop stand, and headphones ready to be bumped-out in any tailgating scenario.

Connect with strangers using the Kinect!

Guest speakers Edgar Wright and Jane McGonigal were great. Edgar Wright went into little detail about how he, as a director, creates direction and tone of his films. If you didn’t already know, Edgar Wright swears on knowing how his films will end. He knows what the scene is going to be and films it first before all else. He then works his way backwards/forward through his directing role. He also spoke a little about his upcoming directing role for the film Ant-Man. One thing he did say was that he interpreted some comic heroes to either stand out more in a comic or in a film. He reassured the audience that Ant-Man was one of those who can achieve much, much more on the big screen than in a comic.

We didn’t get a chance to speak to Edgar Wright because his time was so precious and we weren’t precious enough for him. So what do we NERD’s do on our downtime? Play video games! The RE:MIX LAB was filled with retro arcade games to play without the drop of a single quarter. Hallelujah!

Jane McGonigal was next on stage but before she could speak, we kidnapped her and had a one on one interview which will be posted up very soon! Jane McGonigal is a very cool person. She is fully aware of the gaming phenomena that we are immersed in today’s culture. She has designed games, played games, endorsed games, and has done extensive research about games. If you haven’t seen her TED video, check it out after the jump. Her best selling book, Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better And How They Can Change The World, sums up everything about her. Her #1 goal in life: to see a game designer nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

The night finished off with the wacky-bunch from Anamanaguchi. These three were just ready to blow some sh*$ up with Contra 8-bit noises! We didn’t catch their entire set, but as we were leaving bus loads of people were eager to listen to them perform.

So the next time you see a Hyundai Veloster on the road just remember about all the cool stuff they are interested in because chances are, you are interested in the same things. I want Hyundai to trick out my Toyota Scion Nerd Reactor mobile, HAHA!

Keep an eye out for when we drop snippets of Edgar Wright talking on video and Jane McGonigal’s interview.

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