A New Nerd Reality TV Show from Jersey Shores Producers Is Coming

Looks like nerds are getting a lot of love (or ridicule) lately on TV, with the recently aired Geek Love, a show about nerds finding love. Be prepared, because MTV is going to give us a new nerdy reality show. Instead of Jersey Shores, think of it as…Nerdy Shores.

From the guys that brought us Jersey Shores, a show about guidos and GTL (that’s Gym, Tan and Laundry for you folks living under a rock), comes a new reality show starring geeks called Fandom Rising. MTV is having a casting call and is looking for 8 nerdy strangers for an “experimental documentary series” that explores fantasy, fiction, cosplay, comics, gaming and science. I’m pretty sure MTV will put nerds in a good light (okay, I chuckled at my own comment).

Source: Slashfilm

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