Wii U & PS Vita at CES 2012

The enormously popular and credible CNet is reporting that SONY, Nintendo, and Microsoft will have their guns loaded when showcasing their gaming-departments at next year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Coming from last year’s fiasco, I am glad to hear that Nintendo will for sure be at the event. The report states that Nintendo will showcase their Wii U tablet-console hybrid.

SONY will be more than likely to bring their Vita to give consumers a better grip on what it truly has to offer. Rumor is affiliate companies tied to the Vita will be the life of the party because they will be showcasing in conjunction with SONY, all the cool features, games, and specs that will be seen when the Vita truly begins to shine in the consumer market. 

We will bring all of you news of all three gaming sectors of these companies. If we can get 1-on-1 time with these products, we’ll have videos & photos coming your way. Stay tuned – CES 2012 begins January 10 and runs till the 13th.

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