Homefront Videogame Predicts Kim Jong-il’s Death

At the age of 69, Kim Jong-il died of heart failure on a train ride this past Saturday. With news of his death announced today, many were happy to celebrate. But we shouldn’t celebrate too soon, since his son, Kim Jong-un, will take over his reign as the new leader. My money is on him being worse than his father.

This news sounds very familiar. Oh my god, Homefront was able to almost predict Kim Jong-il’s death year and Jong-un taking over. Let’s just hope that he doesn’t play the game for inspiration. Here’s a synopsis from the game.

In 2013, one year after the death of Kim Jong-Il, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reunites North and South Korea to form the Greater Korean Republic. The influence of China and the United States decline in the face of continued economic stagnation and a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia that disrupts Middle Eastern oil supplies, while oil and gas to Western Europe is cut off by a Russian-Ukrainian “mutual interest” deal.

As long as Texas doesn’t secede from the United States, I think we’ll be fine…unless we get the bird flu.

The game had mixed reviews but was still able to sell over a million copies worldwide.

Source: MSN

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