TRON: Legacy’s Gem Has Controllers Modeled After Her for Xbox 360 and PS3

Tron: Legacy was a beautiful movie to watch. I expected more from the story, but I can settle for just the visual experience, especially the Sirens of TRON. It wasn’t Quorra that I had the hots for. No, that honor goes to Gem, the white-haired Siren with the sultry black eyeliner who helps Sam.

The guys over at PDP decided on fashioning the Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers after Gem, calling it the White Siren TRON controller. It features unique pearl color, mist grey handles and crystal white light up-accents. It’s the final collector’s edition with a price tag of $49.99. You can pre-order these lovelies only at Expected ship date is mid January 2011.

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