One Piece Musou Golden PS3

Many companies have been collaborating with Tecmo Koei games to release special Musou (Dynasty Warriors) style games. Namco Bandai did this with its Gundam series called Gundam Musou (Dynasty Warriors Gundam), and now they’re doing the same thing with the One Piece anime series under the title, One Piece Kaizoku Musou.

The game will release on March 1st in Japan and will follow the New World Saga, where the crew spent two years apart to grow stronger.

Along with the game is a very special Gold PlayStation 3 edition with New World Luffy on the system. For hardcore One Piece fans, the bundle includes the One Piece Pirate Musou game and a Gold PlayStation 3 controller for 38,170 yen ($460).

PlayStation 3 games are region free, so you can play all your PS3 games, as well as accessories, and the only thing that are region locked are the Blu-ray movies and DVDs.

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