FINIS – SwiMP3 Review

Being a swimmer definitely has its perks. You can stay healthy, refreshed, and look amazing in a swimsuit. Water-polo and swim team have been a part of my life starting from elementary school, through middle and high school. Although the feeling of swimming at speed is amazing, it takes years of practice where the only method is a necessarily evil, laps. There really isn’t much room to complain, almost all sports require repetitive movement to some scale, but not nearly as much as swimming. While staring at the bottom of the pool, there really isn’t much to look at, just yourself and your collective thoughts. In other words, it gets boring, and this is why we have technology.

It would be impossible to count the number of times I have sung a song in my head during practice, just to keep myself distracted enough not to notice that my body is beginning to hate the very thought of taking another stroke. Although a little late for myself, FINIS (A legendary swimwear and swim accessories company) has created “headphones” that can be used while fully submerged!

The SwiMP3.

Lets Break This Down.


So, maybe these days 2gig is pretty wimpy for an MP3 player, and you want your entire music library of 200 gigs on there. Just one question. Will you be able to swim for 30 hours in one workout session? Because that is about how much music this unit holds. There is no LCD screen, so you cannot browse playlists. There is simply no point for more memory at the cost of making this more bulky. Make a playlist and stick with it.


The SwiMP3 has a sleek, hard plastic finish with well placed buttons. The clips are fairly sturdy, and the unit is not too heavy. The only problem I had with this was finding the *Hotspot* for my temples and it may be difficult for others with a long facial structure.


Lasts for one workout. Roughly. It has a USB charging system, so if you forget, you can always charge it a bit on the way to the gym with a car charger (batteries not included).

Audio Quality

This was extremely difficult to judge based on that I have nothing to compare it to. I could say it is the best in the market, but that would be because it is the only thing like it on the market. Compared to a pair of $100 headphones, they whimper in fear, but if my douche bag friends decide to toss me into the pool with those, goodbye audio.


Easy, simple, no special requirements, just drag and drop your songs in the order you want them to play.


$150 for 1 GiG
$160 for 2 GiG

A bit steep, but you are getting a completely unique product that will make your workout much more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts
Again, this is extremely difficult to grade, but if compared to some other in-ear-swimming headphones (Which by the way are all horrible), this completely trumps all other choices. Easy to use and setup. Easy to charge. Great audio quality for underwater.

  • Some other advantages to this over in-ear-underwater headphones is that these are GREAT for anybody on a team. They do not cover your ears so the coach’s instructions are loud and clear.
  • They are legal at any swimming competition (Although they sometimes fall off when diving).
  • Can be used with earplugs and/or a cap.
  • They make a fun and encouraging gift for anybody that wants to start swimming as part of a workout.

Grade: B+

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