Mega Man X Getting a Fresh Look for iOS

It’s a nice trend to see some of the old games being ported to Apple devices. We get games like Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Mega Man playable on the iPhone, and they’re usually the same as the original.

Mega Man has been getting no love as of late with him being absent from Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and two games being canceled. At least he’s going to be getting some love on iOS. Capcom has announced it will be releasing an oldie but goodie for iOS devices. This won’t be a straight port, as it will be getting new animation from the ground up.

It will be available in Japan very soon, and no official announcement have been announced anywhere else, but I can imagine plenty of fans would buy this to show Capcom how much a new Mega man game is wanted.

I’m not a huge fan of the new artwork, but the game looks to be just as awesome as it was back in the day.

source: Famitsu

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