Dr. Who Game Announced

As a recent Dr. Who convert and fan, I am glad to say that they are planning to create a game for the Sony Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, and PC. No word yet on an XBox version, but I am guessing that will be later in the future. The game will be titled Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock and will be developed by BBC Worldwide Digital Entertainment and Games and Supermassive Games. It plans to be released early next year, probably same time as the PS Vita release. This will be the first of a series of Dr. Who games.

The game play will consist of players taking control of Dr. Who and River Song. And the players will be plunged into the universe of Dr. Who. Players will have to learn the inner workings of time travel, solve puzzles, time based game play, and any action taken in one time will have an affect in another creating different situations depending on the route taken.

The game also features the current Doctor (Matt Smith) and River Song (Alex Kingston); so fans don’t worry it is going to have the real people not some fill-in. As a fan I can’t wait to see actual game play of this game. Currently the only video they have is the teaser below. Nothing much just space, planets, stars, and of course the police box.





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