Sony Exclusive – ‘The Last of Us’ Site Updated with Photo-Realistic Pic

There are going to be a lot of big game trailers at the Video Game Awards on December 10th. One of those is being touted as a huge Sony exclusive. A teaser site is up for the game, and it’s been updated with a new in-game picture. At first glance, it appears to be a real-life photo, but upon zooming in, you can see that some of the leaves clearly show that they are digital. Based on the realism of the graphics, I assume it’s a PS3 game, but I guess we won’t know until it’s fully revealed.

The “ant video” on the site has been extended. Now you can hear a man heavily breathing as some kind of clicking sound occurs. At first I thought the noises were gunfire, but on hearing it a second time, I think it’s the sound of some kind of creature. At the end of the video, a woman screams, and that’s it so far.

So, what is, “The Last of Us”? If the sounds from the video are any indication, then the game might end up being a survival horror or action game. Could Sony be beating Ubisoft to the punch when it comes to creating realistic survival games, considering that they first started their game, “I Am Alive”, years ago?

We’ll update you with any new information that comes out.

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