RoboCop’s Peter Weller to Play Evil CEO in Star Trek 2?

So many news have been coming in about Star Trek 2, like whether or not Benicio del Toro will be in it or whether Kahn is going to be the main villain. What is certain is that Peter Weller will be in it. But what will his role be? According to his agent, he’ll be playing a CEO.

Of course J.J. Abrams is very tight-lipped about his projects but I do know that it’s a substantial role and that Peter is playing a C.E.O.

Can a substantial C.E.O. be a good guy? I’m going to assume he’s going to be one of the major villains. You know, because all those corporate guys you see in the movies are always bad. Take The Muppets for example.

Source: EW

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