Mythbusters’ Cannonball Causes Havoc in Residential Neighbourhood

It seems that a combined forty years of special effects experience doesn’t prevent you from making a mistake every now and then, as Mythbusters hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage were reminded December 6th, 2011.

The Mythbusters team, who were testing the effectiveness of different projectiles fired from a cannon in comparison to a traditional cannonball, launched a 6-inch in diameter cannonball which overshot the blockade of water-filled trashcans and broke through the cinder block wall intended to stop its path. It then bounced off a hill and proceeded to fly approximately 650 yards before crashing through a family home in a San Francisco Bay area suburban neighbourhood. The cannonball broke through the family’s front door, bounced up their stairs, and exited through the back wall of their bedroom, in which the family slept through the event. After exiting the home, the cannonball finally came to rest when it imbedded itself in a neighbour’s minivan. There were no injuries.

The Mythbusters issued a statement today saying that proper safety protocol was observed and that they are assessing the situation and working with those whose property was affected. Hyneman and Savage also visited those who suffered damages and held a meeting with the entire production staff to explain what went wrong.

Obviously, Discovery and the Mythbusters take safety very seriously and there is no question that they will be taking responsibility for the event and seeing that all damages are repaired. While some on the internet are crying that this will mark the end of the show, that outcome is unlikely as the team has already announced that they will continue testing this myth, albeit at a new location. It is difficult to ignore that this is the crew’s first major accident in nine seasons of the show being on air and that the cannon in question has been used approximately 50 times without incident. Accidents happen and sometimes those accidents have some major consequences. However, everyone is fortunate that there was no loss of life.

Source: AP

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