2011 International Motorcycle Show Report

What do nerds and motorcycles have in common? The magnetism to attract babes of course. But all jokes aside, it’s about feeling the sense of flying and freedom of owning

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time

Ever wish you were one of the Doctor’s companions? Ever wanted your own sonic device? Well Whovians and Wholigans you are in luck! Developers Three Rings have teamed up with BBC to

Nerd Reactor’s Best of 2011 Video Game Awards

2012 is almost here, and it’s time to announce the winners of our first annual Nerd Reactor’s Best of 2011 Video Game Awards. Categories include “Game of the Year”, “Best

Samsung and Google Take the Top Spot in the Mobile Phone Market

For the three months ending in November, Samsung has been number 1 in the handset market, and Google’s Android has the most U.S. market shares in the smartphone department. Samsung’s

Roger Ebert Reckons He Knows Why Theaters Failed to Gather an Audience in 2011

Well, apparently not only did 2011 get trumped by 2010 in terms of audience numbers, but it had the smallest movie audience since 1995! Roger Ebert, in an article called,

Slight Spoiler for The Dark Knight Rises with Anne Hathaway’s Thoughts on Nolan’s Universe

LA Times has revealed a little spoiler for The Dark Knight Rises that involves Bane (Tom Hardy), Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), and Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway). Bane has caused mass

‘Dragon Age’ Anime Trailer: At Least the Dragon Looks Cool

The idea of having a Western game be turned into an anime project isn’t new. Halo did it with Halo Legends. I’m a fan of anime and video games, so

Мстители? How About ‘The Avengers’ Russian Trailer

The Russians are the latest ones to get their own Avengers trailer featuring their own dubbed language. There are some new scenes like Thor (Chris Hemsworth) hammering cars, Bruce Banner

Top 10 Pirated Movies of 2011! Guess Who’s Number #1?

2011 is almost wrapped up, and as we take a look back at another year in geek-dom, all we have are the memories and some illegally downloaded movies. Torrent Freak

Samsung: Go Big or Go Home at CES 2012

Samsung: Go Big or Go Home at CES 2012 – a sneak peak at what Samsung might show at CES 2012!

Gremlins 3 in the Works?

Oh the 80’s. What a great time to be a nerd with films like Short Circuit, Batteries Not Included, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones and of course Gremlins. I just recently

Second Week of PS Vita in Japan, Already Trounced by 3DS, PSP, Wii, PS3

It’s only the second week of the PS Vita, the time when its sales should be launching into the stratosphere, and we’re seeing it being beaten by years-old hardware: Wii,

Video Game Company of the Year

Christmas has just passed and 2012 is now only a week away. Gamers are thankful for so many great video games released this year and all the video game companies

Viacom Ordered to Pay Harmonix $383 Million

Viacom Inc., owner of MTV Networks and Paramount Pictures, has been part of a legal battle between themselves and their formerly owned Harmonix, the company responsible for the Rock Band

This Transformers Blu-ray Collector’s Edition Is a Visual Betrayal

Amazon has just opened up pre-orders for the Transformers Limited Edition Collector’s Trilogy Blu-ray that includes seven Blu-ray discs (including the Blu-ray 3D Version for Transformers: Dark of the Moon).

‘Game of Thrones’ Director Alan Taylor Set to Helm ‘Thor 2’

Alan Taylor is an accomplished director in the TV realm. He’s directed shows like Game of Thrones, Sopranos, Mad Men, Oz, Rome, Sex and the City and Six Feet Under.

‘Smallville: The Final Season’ Review – A Hero’s Path Is Set

All good things must come to an end, and for fans of the Superman spinoff TV series Smallville, the Drama/Adventure series ended last year. Smallville spent 10 seasons following Clark

Happy Birthday Stan Lee!

Hey there True Believers! We’d like to say happy birthday to Stan “The Man” Lee, one of the most influential comic book icon ever. He co-created iconic superheroes like X-Men,

Hostel: Part III Movie Review

The first Hostel was one of those horror movies that I really enjoyed. The premise may seem familiar; young group visits mysterious place, mysterious place holds dark secret, and dark

When Video Game PR Goes Wrong – Paul Christoforo Insults Customers, PAX

After the success of the Dave Chepelle Show, I could have sworn we had all learned a good lesson about how “keeping it real” can go wrong. It goes really