Rumor: Resident Evil 6 Taking Place in China?

Sure Capcom hasn’t officially announced it yet, but we all know it’s coming. Resident Evil 6 is inevitable, and a recently discovered actor’s profile (Wendy Mok) suggests that it will take place in China. However, her profile over at has been taken down, so we are only going on the word of the sites, The Silent Chief and VG247.

If it does take place in China, I can imagine there would be some sort of overly dramatic backlash by the Chinese government. After all, they don’t even allow human bones to be shown in video game form, which caused changes in World of Warcraft to suit their special needs.

As if that weren’t enough, Japan and China have bad history together, with Japan being the transgressor in the past. Now Japan is making a game in which presumably American characters prance around in China killing Chinese zombies? Stay tuned as we report on World War 3, everyone. It ain’t gonna’ be pretty.

Source: EWPacts
Via: VG247, TheSilentChief
Photo: GamingBolt

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