Ridge Racer on PS Vita Visually Trumps 3DS Version

It’s everyone’s favorite game, guys! Yes! Riiiiiiddgggee RAAACCEERRRRRR! No? Okay, well, whatever. The point is that you’ve (possibly) been eagerly anticipating the next release of this speedy series, and it will soon be making its way to the Sony PS Vita. One thing to note is the difference in visual output compared to the 3DS. The PS Vita is obviously out-powering it, but will the DS overtake the Vita by superior games? Only time will tell. For now, though, enjoy the Ridge Racer. We know Kaz Hirai is.

Here’s a screenshot of the 3DS version of Ridge Racer for comparison:

Now here’s the brand new trailer for the PS Vita version of Ridge Racer:

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