Comic Hit List: Marvel Point One

Marvel‘s special one shot ‘Marvel Point One’ gives fans a special sneak peek into the company’s future. This book is especially useful to pick up if you’re like many comic book fans out there that’s on a budget and must pick and chose which title to follow. Point One features several short stories which will hint of things to come for the Marvel Universe in 2012. Readers will get a glimpse of events featuring fan favorites such as Spider-Man and Dr. Strange to lesser known characters Nova and the (return of) Scarlet Spider. We also see formations of new teams such as the mutant hunters X-Terminated who’s likely to cause trouble for the X-Men in the near future or the brother sister team up of Coldmoon and Dragonfire who’ll to have their debut soon in the pages of the Avengers.

Now here’s my take on this whole thing…save your six bucks and wait for this book to hit the dollar bins. After going through this title I got to say I was pretty disappointed. If this was the best Marvel had to offer for 2012 they just might be in a spot of trouble. Seriously only two of the shorts held my attention that that’s of the new Scarlet Spider (fresh from the events of Spider-Island) and Dr. Strange who’ll be part of the new Defenders. Everything else I could pretty much take it or leave it.

The whole point to this ‘Point One’ title was to get readers hyped up for the titles coming out for 2012 but unfortunately for the fine folks at Marvel they missed the target entirely. But that’s not to say this book is a total and utter waste though. There are some sweet eye candy in these pages such as the glorious two page spread provided by Ed McGuinness (Deadpool and Hulk) which features the return of the Phoenix Force. So unless you’re a major comic book nerd or just got to have every single title that comes out every week, take a pass on this. Instead just wait for the titles to normally hit the shelves next year and make your decision then.

Grade: D-

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