Steelseries Partners Up with MLG, the Bets Are On!


It’s game time! Steelseries has just announced their new partnership with MLG (Major League Gaming). What does that mean for me, you may ask? Well on top of some awesome exclusives like mouse pads, possible gear, and other goodies, it means that anybody can now place bets (completely free) on every MLG tournament to come. These bets are completely free and take no more than a minute or so to place directly from Out of the contestants that guess the winner correctly, a random drawing decides who gets some seriously awesome swag.

The prize bundles come in both Xbox 360 and PC (compatible with PS3). They include items like special mous epads, Gunnar Gaming Glasses (Check out our review of these headsets, mice, and plenty of other Steelseries goodies.

So, Steelseries has very generously provided us with one of the most exciting additions to professional gaming of the year. This should easily become not just the new standard, but the new pinnacle of online betting, with this becoming the first step to completely commercializing competitive gaming and giving it the much needed recognition it deserves.

Also, sweet new mouse pads!

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