Sony Announced the UMD Passport Function for VITA – PSP & UMDs Not Forgotten

Time to get those larger memory sticks for your PS VITA, because Sony has announced that there would be a way for PSP owners to still get some use out of their UMD games.

Sony is making a UMD passport for PSP UMD owners who wanted to still play their games as they converted to the PS VITA. Sony did mention that you would have to register your UMD via your PSP, and the UMD Registration Application will recognize the link and the game to your PSN account. The downfall is that there will be a charge to do this, but compared to buying the game all over again it, the UMD owners will be given a discounted fee between 500-1500 yen ($6-$18).

This is confirmed for Japan, so I can imagine that we will get the same in the US closer to release. It’s a nice way to have your collection of games ready on your PS3/VITA with a much lower price, than buying it all over again digitally.

The UMD Passport program will support around 200 titles from 40 publishers initially, and more titles and publishers will join shortly after. It will also be possible to transfer your save data from your PSP to the VITA via your PC or PS3.

Honestly this would have been great around the time of the PSPGO (making it more hot) and useful if the Sony phone Xperia utilized this.

You will still need to hang on to your PSP or grab a friend to register your UMD games. It’ll be a while before you can trade in that PSP.

Source: Magic-Box

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