Metacritic Users Show No Mercy Against Modern Warfare 3

As of right now, Metacritic user rating for Modern Warfare 3 (Xbox 360) is getting the average score of 2.7 out of 10. Wow, there really is a lot of “haters” in there, and it’s fun to read the reasons why they hate the game. Let’s read on shall we?

Our first user comment talks about how FPS games are all the same.

Oh sure the game works: You have guns, you point the gun at bad guys, you pull the trigger and the bad guys fall over. But this game only reassures that the first person shooter genre is as stale and uninspired as ever. MW3 looks and feels the same as MW2 (2009), which itself looks and feels like MW (2007). All style and no substance with a rabid fan base of children and young teenagers. The Michael Bay movie equivalent of video games.

Sure its pretty, but I could get the same effect from squinting my eyes at CoD 4. Could not have been a bigger disappointment had EA directly developed the whole thing.

There’s only one thing to say about the game’s multiplayer, and that it still feels over developed and corny. There are too many gimmicky things in the game and killstreaks are still cheap. The graphics and HUD are virtually unchanged, and The same crappy community is back from Modern Warfare 2, glitching and hacking to their hearts desire. It’s a shame that no big game review sites want to give it a score it deserves.

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Here’s a lovely one.

I enjoyed Modern Warfare 1 for story and MP, and Modern Warfare 2’s MP and I never got along, but the story was great and action packed as usual and key features and gameplay additions were made. Spec Ops was a blast and provided hours of fun. MW3 doesn’t feel updated at all. It feels like a zombie. The graphics are old, the facial animations stiff, the characters round turns like robots, the sounds are still terrible, and many of the environments still look like cardboard, which, in MW 1 and 2’s case, I excused because of the exciting game play and story. MW3 is just a rehashed and uninventive copy of the first two. I played the whole campaign and never once felt the rush or compulsion I did in MW 1 and 2. Then I tried the MP, the three maps I played for mostly flat, mazes that were CQB and very, very bland. Everything looked exactly the same. I legitimately attempted to enjoy this. I did, but it’s obvious that Activision is just grubbing for money. If Infinity Ward’s original creators would’ve been at the helm, things might have been different. All and all, hugely disappointed.

Yeah, it’s an all out war in there as the “lovers” are trying to defend it with comments like:

Mw3 is beast. All you haters (battlefield 3 fanboys) get a life and get out of the call of duty reviews. I feel bad for you losers. Just stay in your little “battlefield 3” section and “F” off.

Great game. it’s CoD and wasn’t going to change much yet in the end it’s your fault for hyping yourself up so much it is fun though. Dont hate appreciate

There’s a lot of spamming going on in there. So what does this mean? It means that I can’t really count on the site to have a fair user review any more. Then again, this is the internet.

Source: Metacritic

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