Ford’s 2013 MyFord Touch Upgrades

Last weekend in Deerborn, Michigan, we were flown out to see what new goodies Ford has to offer on their new 2013 models.

One of these upgrades was the update to the MyFord Touch system available for most Ford vehicles. My-touch (the abbreviated broad term for this system) is a full control panel for your vehicle, offering navigation, music control, climate adjustment, phone connectivity service, and many more features that simplify your everyday driving experience.

Although the upgrades made the system much more efficient, I was still a little disappointed to find out that the update was only for the MyFord Touch software, and that the new models did not have a hardware upgrade whatsoever. Playing around with the system a little bit I noticed it was still slow to respond to most touch commands, but the voice recognition was spot on. The visual software upgrade also makes it much simpler to navigate between screens, and offers easy access to all vital information during travel.


One of the announcements was truly surprising. It seems that Ford is not only providing this upgrade to the newer models, but is also offering them free to any existing models with the MyTouch system! Soon Ford will be sending out flash drives to all existing MyFord Touch owners, as well as offering the option of bringing your car in to its respective dealership of purchase for on the spot upgrades.

With some great cars along the way such as the the 2013 Escape, Focus, Fiesta ST, and the new lineup of Mustangs, it seems as though Ford is really stepping their game up to compete in the global market with a vengeance.  Showcasing these upgrades and the new models at the LA Auto Show next weekend will prove that American auto industries muscle will soon be recaptured not only for its speed and power, but for its intelligence and versatility as well.

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Also, here is a short video, explaining some of the visual upgrades.


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