Verbatim Wireless Mini Slim Board Review

Verbatim sent us over a cool little add-on for mainly your laptop, but for anything really. The Mini Wireless Slim Keyboard and Mouse is a sneaky little hardware. The keyboard, barely 12.5″, combined with the space saver nano mouse make for a great laptop peripheral or recent internet-ready television set. The keyboard and mouse are perfect for applications on the go. The slim fit profile of the keyboard could fit into any folder pocket, and the mouse is small enough to fit into any sized pocket. Perspective – the mouse fits into an 8 o.z. glass! Never worry about losing your nano USB connector, because the mouse is quick to resolve that issue with a pocket sleeve located on the inside of the battery storage door. Genius!

The software included supplies like the drivers and also has a visual hub on your desktop/laptop screen to give the user a clear idea of what is toggled: Caps Lock, Num Lock, & Scroll Lock. A neat little feature that Verbatim did not have to include, but was nice of them to do. I would have better enjoyed the keyboard to be back-lit. It is not to add panache but to give its already small-sleek design some added visual cues to go by.

For the obvious reasons that this was meant to be a compact, travel-friendly device, Verbatim did a decent job at adding a Num Pad marked on the keyboard. This is where an LED under-lit display would have helped, but then the visual toggles on your desktop/laptop add to the experience by slightly guaranteeing that you are not lost or restricted in some hot key. The mouse is small but feels just right. So much so, I have opted in using it over my Microsoft 3000 mouse. I do lose a lot of functionality by doing so, but the feel of the Verbatim mouse is that good!

Overall the Wireless Mini Slim Board by Verbatim hits the nail on the head. Don’t be one of those who say the “keys are too squished together”, “the mouse is too small”, or “it doesn’t have a Num Pad”. If you are looking for those functions then you should be smart enough not to purchase this product. This is made for businessman/woman looking for a more streamlined approach to comfortableness while in a hotel room or flight. On the other end of the spectrum, a couch potato eager to use the internet on the television set, or that dorm room college student with the dresser as a desk who needs all the extra room he/she can get would all make great consumers of this product.

Grade: B

For all you tech heads:

2.4 Ghz Wireless – Enjoy the latest in reliable, hassle-free wireless technology

Media Console – Play, Pause…control your tunes from the Media Console

Ultra-Slim Design – Thin-profile keyboard and mouse designed to enhance your digital lifestyle

Ultra-Narrow Design – Built with a laptop-style keyboard configuration to allow for maximum desktop space-saving.

Low-Profile Keys – Quiet, soft-touch keys provide a crisp, responsive feel when typing

Connect and Forget – Nano wireless receiver

Interface: USB 2.0 (Also compatible with USB 1.1 ports)

Operating System: Windows 7, XP, 2000, Vista

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