Get Your Erotic Manga App on Your Smartphone

This piece of news is for you perverted nerds out there. Hey, let’s face it, we’re all perverts on the inside. There’s a new e-book app called Japorn Books that allows Android users to purchase and look…I mean read adult manga. I’d also like to mention the cleverness of the manga app title, “Japorn”.

Right now Japorn Books has 200 books under its belt and is catering to both the male and female readers. The app is free and it will be releasing a new manga every week. To buy the manga, you have to have tickets, and each book is worth around 150 tickets. If you download the app before November 30th, you’ll get 200 free tickets.

The Japorn Books app is available for Android 1.6 or higher and is available at the Android Market. To play for tickets, you’d have to use Paypal.

Source: Six Degree Works

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