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Recently we were given the opportunity to test drive a 2012 FORD Mustang GT-5.0 with technology seen in the industry to drive forward what consumers will want, and what electronic manufactures can produce. Hence, the birth of SYNC by Microsoft for FORD. Both FORD and Microsoft are leading the trends to what consumers will soon consider standard electronic-trim models in the modern 21st century vehicle.

Don’t be fooled that because this was a 44K car that the tech savvy swag can’t be found in a family SUV, economy car, or standard model Mustang. FORD has made a distinguishing mark in their lineup that resonates through their entire production line. SYNC, powered by Microsoft, has got to be the coolest electronics we’ve had my hands on this year. The only unfortunate part is that it is in a moving, potentially dangerous, environment which restricted some of the pleasures normally simulated in a lounge couch at home. But hey, can’t have everything now can we. Outright though, this experience was satisfying & amazing!

Aesthetics: The center console is placed in an ergonomic friendly distance that with any height or seat level the driver or passenger could always easily touch and control. The buttons are aligned in a tab formation: Menu followed by MAP, DEST, NAV, i (info), PHONE, and CLIMATE. They are not clumped together and are back-lit for visual enhancements. Standard equalizing controls, numeric presets, volume, power, seek, and climate controls are all directly bellow the new SYNC function keys.

The steering wheel also adds the driver convenience of controls. Very practical for manual transmission equipped cars.

The back-lit display does not take focus off the road at night due to bright lights. The lights coordinate with the speedometer and odometer, along with the interior accent lighting.

Software & Application: Ever wanted a computer in your car to do all the cool things that normally are found in a home theater? Well FORD practically placed a computer in your car. At times when the engine was off and I was just sitting there, depending on the volume of media, I could hear the fans spinning and the case processing data. There were a few times that my bluetooth signal was lost or that my SYNC functions could not be read, but that never stopped all the other cool features from functioning. Sirius radio, navigation, 3.5 jack, USB connection, CD/MP3 player, and a 500-watt speaker system basically guaranteed pure enjoyment. If you thought that wasn’t enough? How about: Tracking Driving Efficiencies, Color-coded Touch Screen, Voice/Touch Climate Control, Car-Computer Health Reports, Video Player, Internet Connection (USB based peripherals), 911 Assist, and App SYNC.

Microsoft and FORD make for a powerhouse in your FORD vehicle. The applications involved in your entire system are blazing fast and without much glitching. The setup process from smartphone to SYNC is flawless! Nine times out of ten users have issues before even being able to use the device. Our SYNC vehicle went through: Microsoft/Apple MP3’s, iPhone 3GS/4G, Android/Microsoft phones, 3.5mm jack sourced periphrasis, and USB drives. All delivering a  flawless setup and continued enjoyment. The load time was always less than a minute for any SYNC ability. Pure genius.

Use & Functionality: As the testing continued, I finally came to terms knowing that I and the Nerd Reactor team would have to soon give up this modern day marvel. I am sure we have all encountered, been victim to, and have been guilty of THE DREADED DRIVING MEDIA ADD’er! You know, that person who is flipping through stations, or not allowing one song to end before starting another. Either it be the backseat driver, the passenger, or the driver him/herself, the SYNC trim model vehicles will make it even worse. That being said, it will also be the best thing that has ever happened to you. This will also be the last interior media upgrade you will ever need in a FORD vehicle. That also being said, when we visited FORWARD WITH FORD, some of the executive engineers hinted to the next generation SYNC peripherals being able to upgrade as if it were your computer! Hard-drives, new innovative disc drives, and more.

The Mustang GT 5.0: A car in its own class, category, and history. The 2012 FORD Mustang 5.0 series makes for a in-the-city drive that is fun, fast, and scenic with this models convertible top.

Auto headlamps, LED sequential tail lamps, power cloth convertible top, rear deck-lid spoiler, stainless steel dual exhaust, dual front & side airbags, integrated spotter mirrors, and so much more make for an incredible exterior look.

And let’s not forget where it counts, under the hood!

An extraordinarily-epic 5.0L, 6-speed TI-VCT V8 beast! Things that gave chills from the spine all the way down to the metal-gas-foot. The sway bar featured will make you take corners on a dime. The speed is unsurpassed, literally, by most cars on the road. When punching in & out of 2nd/3rd/4th gears, the front end lifts with the torque powering the engine. 17-city MPG & 26-highway MPG are standard in a high performance vehicle and with the option of super unleaded or unleaded gasoline, it sure will make your wallet a little happier.

Check out what some of us had to say about 2012 Mustang:

John “Spartan” Nguyen – Editor-in-Chief – “Very fast & beefy. IT’S THE BEEF!”

Mike Villarreal – Community Manager/Editor – “Strong, fast, hi-tech, and solid. Modern’d out muscle car that will fill every feature you ever wanted.”

Narvin Seegoolam – Managing Editor – “A nod to technological refinement, retaining its conventional muscle car appeal. The businessman in you keeps it in 4th gear, while the race car driver in you slaps it into 6th and smashes the pedal to the floor.”

Steve Nguyen – Contributing Writer – “NSFW!”

So rejoice my NERD friends because we are NERDY, make plenty of money, know technology like the back of our hands, and the only thing missing is a chick magnet – and this is the perfect magnet! FORD is revolutionizing the car industry. The overall experience and feedback from the SYNC system are all positive to prove it. This could be the death of the aftermarket industry, okay maybe not, but it sure has some heavy leverage against the giants like Pioneer, Alpine, and Kenwood.

In this economy…why not!? Go buy a FORD Mustang or any other line of vehicles coming out!

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