Griffin’s ‘Stylus + Pen + Laser Pointer’ Simply Works

griffin's stylus pen and laser pointerIn an effort to save your finger from touch-screen impact trauma, Griffin recently released a new product aptly titled ‘Stylus + Pen + Laser Pointer’ (from here on out I’ll just refer to it as ‘stypenser’) designed to take control over any sales presentation tools. About the same size a normal ball-point pen, this ‘stypenser’ will fit comfortably into any pen-holder of your notebook, bag, or even your pocket-protector! Sweet, I know.

Wait, that’s really the name?

I am not sure if the people at Griffin just gave up on giving it some creative, shorter name, but I am guessing that the long name serves some kind of purpose. If you head over to their store, the product is simply called that, a ‘Stylus + Pen + Laser Pointer’, and it probably is that for SEO purposes. So whether your’re searching for a stylus, or a laser pointer, Griffin’s hoping you would run into this product.

stypenser-3 from griffin

source: griffin

So, what makes this different from other stypensers?

For a nice price of $49.99, this tool better shine in some areas where other tools may lack. And, it does. It’s definitely sturdier and the casing is firm, compared to some other tools out there that feel like it may break on contact. Also, the stylus is highly sensitive, and emulates a finger, meaning it is built well for modern tablets and touchscreen phones. The laser pointer works just fine (and is bright right out of the box!), and the pen is actually refillable.

Griffin calls this the ‘digital swiss army knife’ built for the modern consumer and business professional. Although I don’t really see the modern consumer needing a laser pointer for tasks other than entertaining their pets, or the stylus for simply saving their fingers from joint dysfunction, it’s definitely handy for the multi-tasking business professional.


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