Nevermind Nintendo’s 926 Million in Losses, Watch This Skyward Sword Trailer

I guess when something as large as 926 million in losses comes around, the only thing you can do is move on in as natural a way as possible. Therefore, let us all watch this latest The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword trailer. It has Link exploring the Eldin Volcano using his new “Mogma Mitts” that allow him to dig underground.

Wait a minute. This trailer isn’t even that great, and the core new thing in here is digging? Outside of Minecraft, I’m not sure there are many games that have made digging fun (sorry, Dig Dug fans). The trailer doesn’t show all that much, and it’s a tad short. It didn’t quite divert my attention from the millions lost as much as I hoped it would.

Well, so the trailer didn’t satisfy, that doesn’t mean Skyward Sword won’t be amazing.

Edge magazine has given it a perfect 100 score, and The Official Nintendo Magazine of the UK gave it a 98/100. Not too shabby so far. ONM said, “It’s not something we say lightly, but the Zelda series really has never been this good.”

Edge’s fantastically praise-crammed review can be found here, and the full review in the magazine itself has an interview with the producer, Eiji Aonuma, and some other goodies.

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