Comic Hit List: The Fearless #1

‘The Fearless’ picks up directly after the events of Marvel‘s summer event ‘Fear Itself’. In this first issue the characters Sin (Red Skull’s Daughter) and Valkyrie pitted in a race against each other to claim the hammers of the Worthy after the final battle in ‘Fear Itself’. We see Valkyrie locking horns with Captain America and War Machine about securing the weapons with the Asgardians while Sin with the aid of Crossbones are on their own search for the hammers of the Worthy. I got to say I’ve been a fan of Marvel putting lesser known characters into the lime light with previous titles such as ‘Avengers Initiative’ and ‘Youth in Revolt’. Seeing a character such as Valkyrie featured as the main protagonist and villains like Sin and Crossbones teaming up again is such a treat.

In the end though if you were a fan of ‘Fear Itself’ you might enjoy ‘The Fearless’ but if you weren’t maybe you should put this title back onto the shelves. While in this first issue we see events wrapping up from ‘Fear Itself’ and the stage being set for ‘The Fearless’ there isn’t much story progression until the following issue. Here’s hoping for a strong run for this twelve issue title.

Grade: D

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