The Old Republic: Collector’s Edition Unboxing Video, Plus Full List

During the weekend of BlizzCon 2011, BioWare decided to give its fans a look into exactly what their $140 + Tax will be getting them for their Collector’s Editions of The Old Republic (PC ONLY). Having ordered a couple myself, I was extremely excited to find out exactly what I had paid for and was not disappointed.

This box is jam-packed with all the goodies you would expect from a collector’s edition and more!

Among these are some of the essentials to go with your full TOR experience.

  • An Authenticator, to keep your account safe from hackers and scammers.
  • The official game soundtrack, by famous composer Mark Griskey, famous for soundtracks such as LOTR, KOTOR: 2, Minority Report, Hellboy, and Harry Potter. Definitely a MUST HAVE (Check out his page at
  • The Journal of Master Gnost-Dural: Sounds to me like a storybook, but who doesn’t love Star Wars stories right?
  • A full high-quality Galaxy Map, detailing all worlds and their location.
  • A museum Quality Darth Malgus statue to remind you that they have returned.
Along with these you also get some sweet in-game goodies that are exclusive to the collector’s Edition.
  • Flare Gun; to signal your allies in times of fierce battle!
  • Mouse Droid: A small non-combat pet that follows you around, beeping at your fallen foes in glorious triumph.
  • STAP vehicle: This may be one of the most important items in this box. This gives you an early game advantage over regular players. Movement around the map helps you level quicker, gather faster, and chase down those unlucky enough to impede your travels.
  • A Holodancer: For those lonely cold nights on Tatooine.
  • A Training Droid: HIGHLY USEFUL!!! It becomes a mobile training dummy, letting you measure your current damage output or perfect combos in your spare time.
  • Most importantly, The Collector’s Edition Exclusive Store. Although no game-altering items will be sold, this will be only for aesthetic items. One of the major parts of an MMO is standing out. So to able to have exclusive items that do just that! I am Sold.
All this comes snug in a metal case, with a 30 day free subscription. With a pre-order you also receive the Color Stone (Changes the color of your lightsaber or your blaster bolts), and early game access (One week I believe).
If you are ready to shell out the cash (They make amazing Christmas presents for anybody that will be purchasing the game), then check out Razer’s new peripherals made just for Star Wars: The Old Republic at
See it for yourself with this video.
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