BlizzCon 2011 Tournaments in 3D

Blizzard Entertainment held its annual BlizzCon and on Friday night and Saturday, the top World of Warcraft and StarCraft 2 players were taking part in tournaments to show who was the best. And for the attendees, the tough decision was choosing what matches to watch, since they all ran nearly at the same time. On each stage, action was happening from noon until closing, and attendees would fill every seat around the stage to watch it.

The tournaments had some incredible prizes that included $50,000 for first place on the StarCraft 2 stage and $75,000 for the top team over at the World of Warcraft stage. Large monitors around the convention center were giving live feeds of the matches for those without seats or doing other things. Over at the LG booth was a huge setup with about 47 55-inch TV screens, creating a massive 260-inch TV that showcased all the StarCraft 2 matches in 3D. While the SC2 stage was packed from front to back with nearly a thousand of excited spectators watching the matches closely.

The matches were a lot cooler in 3D, especially on a 260-inch screen where everyone could see. It was a nice way for LG to show off the passive 3D technology that they were showcasing with their new LG monitors. You also got a completely different look at the final matches as the screen was popping out of you during some intense matches. The majority of the final day were spent on watching tournaments. I was sitting at the LG booth, watching some matches in 3D. It’s a lot better than sitting near the SC2 stage, not being able to see anything because of the crowd.

3D is really a nice way to enjoy movie or games, as it pops out at you. It’s not for everyone, and it isn’t being adopted as quickly as many companies would like. StarCraft 2 looked great using the 2D to 3D conversion program LG is now pushing out with their new LG Monitor.

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