Halloween Tips from Modern War Gear Solid’s Dr. Naomi Hunter

Halloween is almost here and is coming up pretty fast. Dr. Naomi Hunter, from the Modern War Gear Solid series, has prepared a little guide, letting us know about geeky safety tips for having a fun Halloween. I’d listen to whatever she has to say because…well, it’s Naomi Hunter!

Here are a few tips from her:

  • Say “no” to strange….mustaches! Inspect all mustaches before you put them on and don’t share your mustache with others.
  • Stay alert for any suspicious incidents or strange boxes, and report anything unusual to
    the proper authorities. Also, never get in a strangers box, even if they offer candy or say they “need” this.

Read the rest of her safety tips at Geek Girl in Training.

And check out Episode 1 of Modern War Gear Solid below.

Modern War Gear Solid photo copyrighted and courtesy of Beat Down Boogie.

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