Glendale GameStop, Blowing It Up Big for Battlefield 3

Music, food, drinks, balloons, and video games, now that sounds like a good party. What better place to celebrate the release of one of the most anticipated games of the year than your local GameStop! The Glendale Galleria was brought to life in the middle of the night to celebrate Battlefield 3 in all its glory. With prize giveaways, a Mortal Kombat tournament, free food and drinks (non – alcoholic of-course). Although I still view GameStop as an evil corporation (having use to work there), it is nice to see that creative employees still know how to get people excited about good games.

The prize giveaways included everything from posters, to guide books, to cardboard standees, all chosen through a random raffle where no purchase was even necessary.  I hope that more GameStops can stray away from usual routine and instead give their customers an awesome consumer experience like this night. Even if you still do not carry battletoads. Hats off to you Glendale GameStop for pulling off a safe, fun, and productive night. Cheers.

Also, the cookies were really good.

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