Formula D With NOS: Energy!

Drifting, a term that I had previously thought to be an excuse for poor turning. Thanks to our friends at NOS: Energy Drink, was able to attend Formalu D in style. Located every year at the awesome Toyota Speedway, Formula D attracts the most hardcore from the street racing scene. With every major tuning, audio, and automobile modification company such as Hankook, Falken, NOS, Sony, and AEM out flaunting all their new goodies, the races are definitely not the only attraction. Booths, Babes, Booth babes, sweet cars, amazing audio, good music, food, drinks, and tons of entertainment for all ages. Formula D is definitely an event not to miss if you call yourself a car enthusiast. Even if you’re not too into the whole “Drifting Scene”, its still a massive event where anybody can have a blast.


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