Modern Warfare 3 ‘Strike Package’ Trailer Wants to Be Fair

Tired of people who get high kill/death ratios reaping all the benefits in Modern Warfare? Infinity Ward has answered your prayers and has just released a new Modern Warfare 3 trailer detailing the Strike Package system. What this does is that it allows all types of players to be rewarded, not just the cold-hearted killers.

There are three different types of packages, one for the gung-ho called Assault Strike Package, one that favors teamwork called Support Package, and one that mixes killstreaks and the previous ones called Specialist Package.

I wonder if there’s a package for players who suck. They can call it the Don’t Shoot Me Package. Now that’s balanced.

Modern Warfare 3 will be available November 8, 2011, for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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