Hasbro in Talks for Transformers 4 & 5, Possibly with Jason Statham

Sure, Michael Bay may have said he’s done, but Paramount seems to think differently. Empire has reported that Hasbro is in discussions with Bay, Spielberg and Paramount on continuing the franchise to a 4th and 5th installment.

They are also not only discussing getting Jason Statham for the lead role, but also shooting the films back-to-back, in order to cut costs. The reason that Statham is being chosen over golden boy Shia LeBeouf, is because Shia has already stated he is through with the Transformers series. If we had only known that during production of Dark of the Moon, Bay could have killed him off (what, I’m sure a lot of you would have liked to see Starscream rip him to shreds finally).

If everything goes as planned, what role would Statham in fact play, and how will he have time to do it? He’s already scheduled to appear in the next Expendables as well as Fast and Furious. Would he be alongside Tyrese Gibbons and Josh Duhamel as another military figure? I will say this though, anyone and their mother who loves money would probably want to be involved in this series, as Dark of the Moon raked in over $1 billion in revenue worldwide.

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